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Publisher: PacktPublishing
Author: David Brian Mathews
ISBN-10: 1849512728
ISBN-13: 978-1849512725
Pages: 356
Language: English
Year: 2011
File: ebook PDF

Create your own computer game with this 3D rendering and game development framework

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Book Description:

This guide is for Panda3D developers who have never used the engine before. Step by step, you move from first principles to creating a market game. Learn from your own experiences and understandable explanations. Learn about the tasks you can use to handle changes over time. Respond to events such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc. Use the built-in shaders and Panda3D filters to gloss over objects. Effects, Glow, and Blow Perform a step-by-step, tutorial-oriented process that follows the process of developing a game with lots of screenshots and carefully explained code for easy selection.

What do you learn from this book

  • Creating and using tasks Respond to and Event handling.
  • Implement texturing using embedded shaders. Collision Detection Exercise.
  • Implementing a graphical user interface.
  • Using the Panda3D animation system.
  • Learn the power and purpose of intervals.
  • Add audio and use the OpenAL library.
  • Understand garbage collection.
  • Pack the game in the installer.
  • Resource Approach

For whom this book is written.
If you are an independent developer interested in learning Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine

About the Author

David Brian Mathews is a graduate in Electronic Visualizati on program from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He began rogramming in the fifth grade with QBASIC and has been designing games of various kinds, from table-top board games to computer games, since childhood. Prior to entering higher education, he served for two years in the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer before being honorably discharged for medical reasons, where he learned discipline, advanced mathematics, and nuclear theory, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. During his years in school, Mathews earned valuable experience with professional game development methods working both by himself and with teams. He is skilled at programming, 3D modeling and animati on, drawing, and 2D compositing.

Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine

Описание книги:

Эта книга представляет собой пошаговое руководство по разработке игр или приложений с использованием Panda3D, которое следует процессу, используемому в профессиональной разработке. Из первых рук вы узнаете, как разработка Panda3D буквально из ничего превращается в готовый продукт.

В книге много иллюстраций, объясняющих сложные темы и отображающих результаты прогресса, а также полный архив подробного кода для каждой рабочей книги. Каждый файл кода, сохраненный читателем, отражается в примере кода, заполнен и объяснен. Кроме того, предоставляются все художественные и звуковые ресурсы, требуемые учебными пособиями, поэтому пользователю не нужно предоставлять какие-либо собственные ресурсы.

Что вы узнаете из этой книги

  • Как создавать и использовать задачи и обработку событий.
  • Как реализовать текстурирование, используя встроенные шейдеры.
  • Как выполнить моделирование по обнаружению столкновений.
  • Как создать графический интерфейс пользователя.
  • Как использовать анимационную систему Panda3D и библиотеку OpenAL.
  • Реализовать сборку мусора.
  • Упаковать игру в установщик и др.

Для кого эта книга написана.

Если вы независимый разработчик, заинтересованный в изучении игрового движка Panda3D 1.6

Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine

  • Chapter 1: Installing Panda3D and Preparing a Workspace
  • Chapter 2: Creating the Universe: Loading Terrain
  • Chapter 3: Managing Tasks Over Time
  • Chapter 4: Taking Control: Events and User Input
  • Chapter 5: Handling Large Programs with Custom Classes
  • Chapter 6: The World in Action: Handling Collisions
  • Chapter 7: Making it Fancy: Lighting, Textures, Filters, and Shaders
  • Chapter 8: GUI Goodness: All About the Graphic User Interface
  • Chapter 9: Animating in Panda3D
  • Chapter 10: Creating Weaponry: Using Mouse Picking and Intervals
  • Chapter 11: What’s that Noise? Using Sound
  • Chapter 12: Finishing Touches: Getting the Game Ready for the Customer
  • Appendix A: Creating a Sky Sphere with Spacescape
  • Appendix B: Using Egg-Texture-Cards and ExploTexGen
  • Appendix C: Pop quiz Answers
  • Index

Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine

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Panda3D 1.6 Game Engine

Panda3D Game Engine — The Others Game Engine Series

https://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/panda3d-game-engine.jpghttps://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/panda3d-game-engine-130x200.jpgGame Development SoftwareMathews,PacktPublishing,Panda3D,PythonPublisher: PacktPublishing Author: David Brian Mathews ISBN-10: 1849512728 ISBN-13: 978-1849512725 Pages: 356 Language: English Year: 2011 File: ebook PDF Create your own computer game with this 3D rendering and game development framework Panda3D Game Engine -- The Others Game Engine SeriesБиблиотека технической тематики. Техническая литература