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Publisher: PacktPublishing
Author:Gregory Pierce
ISBN-10: 1849690405
ISBN-13: 978-1849690409
Pages: 314
Language: English
Year: 2012
File: ebook PDF

Develop iOS games from concept to cash flow using Unity

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Book Description:

Unity iOS Game Development

Would you like to create money making games for iOS? If so, Unity iOS Game Development Beginners Guideis for you. It will guide you through the entire creative process of designing a game through to making money from it.

This book will teach you the secrets of building and monetizing games for the iOS platform using the latest version of Unity. The book is linear and progressive so every chapter builds upon the knowledge of the last. You will learn Unity and the iOS basics necessary to get started. You will design a game for the iOS. You will build that game feature by feature. Finally you will publish your game and add the features that will enable your game to generate revenue.

You have never built anything using Unity or iOS so we will begin with the basics. We will then move onto the basic features of a game: scenes, AI, characters, accelerometer, and input methods. Once you have mastered this we will begin the creation of our game – a 3rd person perspective dungeon crawler game inspired by the arcade game called Gauntlet. You will bring AAA quality to the game by adding co-op multiplayer so that your friends can join in and participate in the game. You will also add occlusion culling and beastmap lighting. Next you will integrate the game with some 3rd party services for advertisements, micro transactions, and in app purchasing. You will also integrate with Game Center. Finally you will publish your game for the entire world to see.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Immerse yourself in game development without Unity or iOS experience.
  • Work through the entire life cycle of developing games for iOS
  • Add multiplayer, input controls, in-app debugging and micropayments to your game.
  • Implement a variety of business models that allow you to make money on games for iOS
  • Add micro payments, ads and in-app purchases.
  • Focus on your audience and earn money on your creation!

About the authors

Gregory Pirshas has been working in software development and management in various high-tech industries for over 18 years. Gregory began his professional career as a software developer for Microsoft in 2002.

Since then, he has gained experience in various industries; working in the defense and space industry at Sytex, director of research and development at Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Media, software architect for a group of strategic applicationsat CNN, and then Time Warner, technology evangelist at JBoss / Red Hat, vice president of technology for Blockbuster and, finally, director of global software development for the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

A published technical writer, Gregory used his experience to share with communities, giving lectures on various technology topics, participating in open source projects and participating in organizations such as Junior Achievement. Gregory holds a Master of Business Administration in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana Xavier University.

In this book, many of the chapters and graphic materials contained in this document are ordered by Sojourner Mobile, the monetization platform provider that has made all this possible. He co-authored the Direct3D Professional Reference in the early days of DirectX.

Unity iOS Game Development

Описание книги:

Хотите создавать игры для зарабатывания денег на iOS? Если это так, Руководство для начинающих разработчиков игр для Unity iOS предназначено для вас. Он проведет вас через весь творческий процесс от разработки игры до зарабатывания денег на ней.

Эта книга научит вас секретам создания и монетизации игр для платформы iOS с использованием последней версии Unity. Книга линейна и прогрессивна, поэтому каждая глава основывается на знании последней. Вы изучите Unity и основы iOS, необходимые для начала работы. Вы разработаете игру для iOS. Вы будете строить эту игру за функцией. Наконец, вы опубликуете свою игру и добавите функции, которые позволят вашей игре приносить доход.

Вы никогда не создавали ничего с использованием Unity или iOS, поэтому мы начнем с основ. Затем мы перейдем к основным функциям игры: сценам, ИИ, персонажам, акселерометру и методам ввода. Как только вы освоите это, мы начнем создавать нашу игру — перспективную игру для подземелий от третьего лица, вдохновленную аркадной игрой Gauntlet. Вы добавите в игру качества ААА, добавив совместный многопользовательский режим, чтобы ваши друзья могли присоединиться и принять участие в игре. Вы также добавите отбраковку окклюзии и освещение карты зверей. Далее вы интегрируете игру с некоторыми сторонними сервисами для рекламы, микротранзакций и покупки приложений. Вы также будете интегрированы с Game Center. Наконец, вы опубликуете свою игру для всего мира, чтобы увидеть.

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Что вы узнаете:

  • Погрузитесь в разработку игр без опыта Unity или iOS
  • Проработайте весь жизненный цикл разработки игр для iOS
  • Добавьте в свою игру мультиплеер, средства управления вводом, отладку в приложении и микроплатежи
  • Реализуйте различные бизнес-модели, которые позволят вам зарабатывать на играх для iOS
  • Добавить микро платежи, рекламу и в приложении покупки.
  • Ориентируйтесь на свою аудиторию и зарабатывайте деньги на своем творении!


Unity iOS Game Development

  1. What is Unity and why should I care?
  2. Getting Up and Running
  3.  Hello World
  4. Unity Concepts
  5. Scripting: Whose line is it anyway?
  6.  Our Game: Battle Cry!
  7.  Input: Let’s Get Moving!
  8. Multimedia
  9. User Interface
  10.  Gameplay Scripting
  11. Debugging and Optimization
  12. Commercialization: Make ‘fat loot’ from your Creation
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Unity iOS Game Development

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Unity iOS Game Development

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

https://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ZIP1.jpghttps://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/ZIP1.jpgIOS game developmentGregory Pirshas,iOS,PacktPublishing,UnityPublisher: PacktPublishing Author:Gregory Pierce ISBN-10: 1849690405 ISBN-13: 978-1849690409 Pages: 314 Language: English Year: 2012 File: ebook PDF Develop iOS games from concept to cash flow using Unity How to make a 2D Game in UnityБиблиотека технической тематики. Техническая литература