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Unreal Engine: Game Development

Publisher: PacktPublishing
Author: Group of authors
ISBN 978-1-78712-328-1
Pages: 1150
Language: English
Year: 2016
File: ebook PDF, EPUB

Develop fantastic games and solve common development problems with Unreal Engine 4

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Book Description:

Want to create a game that will surprise the players? Hundreds of games are played using Unreal Engine technology, and thousands of people have built careers and companies based on the skills developed with this engine. Unreal Engine provides very sophisticated game development tools and tools that let you set preferences for just about any game you can dream of. Game development using the Unreal Engine course gives an idea of the rich functionality for creating 2D and 3D games on different platforms.

What does this course cover

Module 1, Exploring Unreal Engine Game Development, Explains How to Create Your first room with Box Brush, add materials for the wall / floor texture, and learn to place static objects to improve the appearance of the room. It covers a simple object type structure and describes how objects in Unreal interact together. This module shows how to add finishing touches to your level using terrain and cinematography.

Module 2, the Unreal Engine Game Development Cookbook, introduces you to The UE4 interface, begins by exploring the Unreal Engine 4 interface and explores the most commonly used aspects in development. Teaches readers how to work with the landscape, add trees and stones, build rivers and stream several levels in the game at the same time. This module presents various types of light in Unreal Engine 4 and learning how to make them mobile how
The flashlight player can carry. It also explains how to create dynamic lighting. with a day / night cycle.

Module 3, Learning Android Game Development from Unreal Engine, Deals with BSP Brushes teach you how to block a level using them, how to create materials in the material editor and content browser, and how to use light sources in UE4.It looks at the various types of classes offered in the mode bar, which includes base classes, visual classes and volumes, as well as implementation methods them into our game. This module also gives us an idea of ??the matinee. Create scenes and other animations necessary for the game.

you will learn

  • Explore the controls in the Unreal Engine 4 editor and learn how to use the editor to create a game-level room.
  • Get information on working with Slate, Unreal UI solution through the UMG editor
  • Gather your own cutscene content and materials and learn how to effectively illuminate scenes.
  • Get tips and tricks for creating an environment using terrain for outdoor areas and workflow for interiors, as well as using brushes.
  • Learn how to pack your game for Android devices and transfer it to Google Playstore
  • Know inside out about creating materials and applying them to assets to increase productivity
  • Understand the difference between BSP and static meshes to make objects interactive

About the Authors

Joanna Lee has more than 8 years of experience in game development. She has designed and programmed various video games. She first started working with Unreal’s game engine in 2005 and is very excited to be able to author a book about the newest Unreal Engine 4. She has also worked with many other engines as well as reviewed books and videos on Cry Engine 4.

John P. Doran is a passionate and seasoned technical game designer, software engineer, and author based in Peoria, Illinois.

For over a decade, John has gained extensive hands-on expertise in game development, working in a variety of roles, ranging from game designer to lead UI programmer. Additionally, John has worked in game development education teaching in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. To date, he has authored over 10 books pertaining to game development.

John is currently an instructor in residence at Bradley University. Prior to his present ventures, he was an award-winning videographer.

Nitish Misra wanted a career in the game industry ever since he was a child. In late 2014, he was one step closer to realizing that dream after he completed his BA (Hons) in game design and production management from Abertay University. He is currently working in a start-up based in New Delhi, designing games on mobiles and working toward breaking into the game industry.

His areas of interest include concept development, systems design, and level design. With 3 plus years of experience in Unreal Development Kit, Unreal Engine 4 was the most logical go-to option for him, and he has been using it for the past 1 year, experimenting with the various features offered by UE4, to see what can be achieved using it.

Unreal Engine: Game Development from A to Z

Описание книги:

Вы изучите

  • Изучите элементы управления редактора Unreal Engine 4 и узнайте, как использовать редактор для создания комнаты на игровом уровне.
  • Получите информацию о работе с Slate, решением Unreal UI через редактор UMG
  • Соберите свой собственный контент и материалы для создания кат-сцен и научитесь эффективно освещать сцены
  • Получите советы и рекомендации по созданию среды с использованием рельефа для открытых площадок и рабочего процесса для интерьеров, а также с использованием кистей.
  • Узнайте, как упаковать свою игру для устройств Android и перенести ее в Google Playstore
  • Знать наизнанку о создании материалов и применении их к активам для повышения производительности
  • Понять разницу между BSP и статическими сетками, чтобы сделать объекты интерактивными

Unreal Engine: Game Development from A to Z

Table of contents

  • 1. Module 1
    1. An Overview of Unreal Engine
    2. Creating Your First Level
    3. Game Objects – More and Move
    4. Material and Light
    5. Animation and AI
    6. A Particle System and Sound
    7. Terrain and Cinematics
  • 2. Module 2
    1. Getting Acquainted with the UE4 Interface
    2. Level Design – Building Out Levels or Greyboxing
    3. Creating Quality Interior Environments
    4. Building the Great Outdoors – Exterior Environments
    5. Lights, Camera, Action – Cinematics
    6. Lighting and Shadows
    7. Art Pipeline – Working with Materials
    8. Blueprint Scripting – Level Effects
    9. C++ Programming – Gameplay
    10. User Interface
    11. Publishing and Deployment
  • 3. Module 3
    1. Getting Started with Unreal 4
    2. Launching Unreal Engine 4
    3. Building the Game – First Steps
    4. Using Actors, Classes, and Volumes
    5. Scripting with Blueprints
    6. Using Unreal Matinee
  • Index

Unreal Engine: Game Development from A to Z

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Do something unreal
Unreal Engine is the most open and advanced tool for creating 3D images in real time.

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Unreal Engine: Game Development from A to Z

Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial: Building Your First Game

https://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/175.jpghttps://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/175.jpgUnreal Engine game development3D game,Group of authors,Nitish Misra,PacktPublishing,Unreal EnginePublisher: PacktPublishing Author: Group of authors ISBN 978-1-78712-328-1 Pages: 1150 Language: English Year: 2016 File: ebook PDF, EPUB Develop fantastic games and solve common development problems with Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial: Building Your First GameБиблиотека технической тематики. Техническая литература