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Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Author: Mitch McCaffrey
ISBN-10: 0134649176
ISBN-13: 978-0134649177
Pages: 288
Language: English
Year: 2017
File: ebook PDF; EPUB

Developing Virtual Reality with UE4

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Book Description:

For game developers and visualization specialists, VR is the next striking milestone for conquest, and Unreal Engine 4 is the perfect platform to defeat it. The Unreal® Engine VR Cookbook is your complete, authoritative guide to creating an amazing experience with any Unreal Engine 4 compatible hardware.

The best practices, general interaction paradigms, specific recommendations for implementing these paradigms in Unreal Engine, and practical recommendations for choosing the right approaches for your project are combined. McCaffrey’s proven “recipes” contain step-by-step instructions, providing you with brief explanations of the underlying theory and mathematics.

Regardless of whether you create first-person shooters or relaxation simulations, the methods McCaffrey explains will help you get immediate results, as you gain knowledge of the big picture and learn the nuances that will help you succeed in any genre or project.

What do you learn

  • Understand basic VR concepts and terminology
  • Embed virtual reality logic with visual scenarios
  • Create basic VR projects with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Google VR, PSVR, and more.
  • Recognize and manage the differences between sitting and standing VR experiences
  • Configure interaction tracing and teleportation
  • Work with UMG and 2D interfaces
  • Implement a character with reverse kinematics (IR) for the head and hands
  • Determine the effective interaction of the motion controller
  • Help users avoid motion sickness.
  • Optimize VR Applications
  • Explore VR Editor, Community Resources, and More

About the Author

Mitch McCaffrey is an independent game developer and the Creator of the community VR Template for UE4. He is also Creator of the very popular YouTube tutorial series «Mitch’s VR Lab.» Mitch has been a very active member of the UE4 VR community and instrumental in teaching VR best practices through his Unreal Engine forum posts, VR Templates, and Youtube channel for some time. Author’s website http://www.mitchellmccaffrey.com

Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

Описание книги:

Для разработчиков игр и специалистов по визуализации VR — следующий поразительный рубеж для завоевания, а Unreal Engine 4 — идеальная платформа для победы над ним. Unreal ® Engine VR Cookbook — это ваше полное, авторитетное руководство по созданию потрясающих впечатлений от любого оборудования, совместимого с Unreal Engine 4. Объединены лучшие практики, общие парадигмы взаимодействия, конкретные рекомендации по реализации этих парадигм в Unreal Engine и практические рекомендации по выбору правильных подходов для вашего проекта. Проверенные «рецепты» МакКаффри содержат пошаговые инструкции, предоставляя вам краткие объяснения основополагающей теории и математики.

Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

Table of contents

  • Part I: Getting Started
    1 Terminology and Best Practices
    2 Head Mounted Display Setup
    3 Toolkit
  • Part II: Recipes
    4 Trace Interaction
    5 Teleportation
    6 Unreal Motion Graphics and 2D User Interfaces
    7 Character Inverse Kinematics
    8 Motion Controller Interaction
    9 VR Locomotion
    10 VR Optimization
  • Part III: Appendices

Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

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Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

Your First VR App Using Unreal Engine (UE4)

https://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/PR_jA1.jpghttps://www.htbook.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/PR_jA1.jpgUnreal Engine game development3D game,Addison-Wesley,Mitch McCaffrey,Unreal EnginePublisher: Addison-Wesley Author: Mitch McCaffrey ISBN-10: 0134649176 ISBN-13: 978-0134649177 Pages: 288 Language: English Year: 2017 File: ebook PDF; EPUB Developing Virtual Reality with UE4 Your First VR App Using Unreal Engine (UE4)Библиотека технической тематики. Техническая литература