Python Data Science Handbook

Developer Reference Guide.

Jake VanderPlas «Python Data Science Handbook» O’Reilly Media, 2017 year, pages 548, En (19,8 mb. pdf + 7,61 mb. epub)

This is by far the best book in this issue to get you started with Python for data science. You will need some basic knowledge of Python and machine learning to understand the concepts, but this book will definitely have you skill to reach the next level. It’s not nonsense, book and goes deep into things that are relevant and important, not data science in Python, each page-rich in information and has a practical use above and adds a new dimension to Your understanding to look at this book as a reference guide and not a full-blown «how to» with Python and data science. The author also offers some useful links at the end of each Chapter, which will be very useful to delve into topics that are beyond the scope of this book. There are lots of high quality relevant and useful examples.

ISBN-10: 1491912057
ISBN-13: 978-1491912058

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